Schedule Your requests... Hello Mary in Coventry listens to SugaRadio while doing the house work, she hasn't got time to sit down and watch TV, puts on her heandphones that are plugged in to a mobile phone and enjoys the music"... Friday night is Showin'out 6pm-11pm... Saturday 4pm-6pm Tamla Motown... News Flash... Our vision of music for our times - Fit for the common good, that which benefits society as a whole, in contrast to the private good of individuals and sections of society.


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Sugar Radio uses radio to improve the lives of the people and communities of Leamington Spa. by giving skills you can use in life not just radio. Broadcasting live and Pre recorded shows, hours per day, 7 days per week, we provide a positive medium of expression for those in our communities whose voices are least heard, as well as an opportunity to highlight events, issues and the voice of the Local communities. Plus some of the finest local music to be heard anywhere on the radio as well as chart hits.

We bring together a story makers and story tellers who want to be a part of the digital revolution and share stories that uplift the community and have a positive impact on world. We provide a multimedia platform that enables creative persons to share their stories in the medium that allows them the greatest freedom of self-expression. We also provide a platform for citizen-journalists to share community interests news and stories.

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How does music improve dementia alzheimer's
Music can elicit emotions and memories and help provide a link to a person's past and promote interconnection with caregivers and others with dementia. Recent findings suggest that that musical training delays cognitive decline and promotes brain plasticity in the elderly brain.

With a population of nearly 250,000 our Town and surrounding areas need this. Community DAB Radio Station, by the minute local news and information for the community that live in it,a must for our infrastructure. Community radio stations are operated, owned, and influenced by the communities they serve. They are generally nonprofit and provide a mechanism for enabling individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own stories, to share experiences, in a media-rich world. Would you like to share your stories and become involved in joining our group.


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Leamington Spa is a town in central England. Set on the winding River Leam, it's known for its Regency architecture and broad boulevards. The colonnaded Royal Pump Rooms, a 19th-century bathhouse, now houses the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. It includes a local history gallery and an original hammam, or cooling room. Jephson Gardens is a park with formal flowerbeds and a glasshouse for tropical plants

Question: Who owns SugaRadio? Answer: "Everyone"

Question: What is SugaRadio about ? Answer: "Community well-being"

Whatever your skills or experience, we are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about well-being of our community. We here believe SUGARADIO is a world first, a virtually totally green radio station, EVERY THING WE DO IS IN HOUSE. From our WEBSITE to NETWORK SERVERS situated in our PEOPLE CAVE, 90% of our equipment has been recycled from sound mixing desks to our servers dismantled and rebuilt to highest standards all with the help of our volunteers helping to reduce emissions for the better of our planet. In the future we are aiming for renewable energy to power the station. We also offer Tee Shirt Printing Service to raise funds. WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP. "CAN YOU" "WILL YOU" or "DON'T YOU CARE"?

Warwick is a town on the River Avon, in England's West Midlands region. It's known for the medieval Warwick Castle, founded by William the Conqueror. The Collegiate Church of St. Mary has a tower with city views and a Norman crypt. The timber-framed buildings of 14th-century Lord Leycester Hospital cluster by the city's West Gate. The St. John's House Museum is housed in a Jacobean mansion with gardens

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We have now been serving Leamington Spa and its greater area for8 years. If you could donate to help keep the station active we would be very greatful.


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